Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blogger issues?

The weirdest thing just happened. I logged onto my Blogger account, and on my dashboard it showed that I had another blog besides this one. It's called 'Elder Brittain Schenck', but there were no posts or anything. It just said that it was my blog. Um, I never created it. Elder Britten Schenck is a missionary from Grace, who was in a bad accident back in March while in Brazil on his mission. His family has a blog for him that's all about his recovery, and I've read it a few times, but um, I didn't create a blog about him. So I'm utterly confused. But I deleted the blog and changed my Blogger password, because I must have been hacked I'm thinking? I have no idea. The blog didn't even have his name spelled correctly. So stinkin' weird.

Anyway, I don't have a ton to update about. Sterling's been working a ton and I've been a housewife. And being a housewife is pretty dull when you don't have kids to take care of or anything. Even a dog would be nice, ha. You'd think I'd have everything unpacked from the move by now, but I don't. I unpacked our pictures and wall hangings and such, but that's about it. Come to think of it, I'm not exactly sure what I've spent the last week doing. I did go to Pocatello one day, and met Sterling for lunch in Blackfoot a couple other days. I also remember seeing a watermelon on TV one day and having to frantically run to the grocery store and buy one ASAP. Yeah, I get pretty serious about food sometimes.

Sterling has to work in some means every single day. Saturdays he has to go in for a half day and gets home around 1 or 2pm. Sundays he has to go check his pivots in the morning and afternoon. He luckily has tomorrow off for Memorial Day, but he still has to check pivots, of course. I went with him tonight and saw all of his fields he's in charge of. I felt like a real farmer's wife, riding in the truck and looking at pivots and potato and grain fields.

Last night we savored his time off with a nice date night in IF. We got some Thai food for dinner (I've been craving green curry in the worst way) then saw The Avengers. I actually liked it way more than I thought I would. It's a pretty good movie! The theater was sold out for our showing, and the movie has been out for weeks, so that alone tells you it must be pretty good.

And that's about it. Someday soon I'll have something exciting to tell y'all about, I promise ;)

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