Saturday, May 5, 2012

Catch-up time.

Whew, two weeks without a post! I think there are just too many exciting things going on right now that I've been too busy to actually write about them :)

We're moving in a week from today! Sterling graduates Saturday morning and we're leaving for Southeast Idaho immediately afterward. Sterling's sister is Skyping the family on Sunday from her mission in Ohio, so we want to be in Grace with his parents for that. So we won't actually be moving into our new place until Monday. Ah, SO excited.

We've sold one couch already and gave away our dresser, and the sofa, recliner, and bed are all lined up to be sold & picked up later this week. Workin' out pretty well! Packing is a pain. I absolutely hate it. But it's mostly done now. Just some kitchen stuff left. Hopefully tomorrow we'll start loading up the vehicles so I can be less stressed about how everything is going to fit.

Sterling has two finals left to take this week, and I have 3. They shouldn't be too bad, but they're never exactly exciting. And I have to wait until Friday to take my Stats final, so I get to stress & study for that all week.

Wednesday is my last day of work. It's sad, because they've been a really good family to nanny for. Buuut, it's also kind of nice to get to be done! The kids have been a bit of a handful at times. Thursday, we had TWO 'accidents' (by the same 8 year old child)....including a very public, gushing-waterfall-esque one by the side of a pool before swim lessons, which was followed by a tantrum because I had to cancel her lesson since I wasn't letting her get into the public pool with pee-soaked bottoms.

And now the school computer is telling me it's going to log me off in minutes. Why does the library close at 8 on Saturdays? I'll never understand. I guess it's a good thing though since my hungry husband is asking about dinner and since all the dishes & cookware are already packed up, I need to get creative pretty quickly.

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