Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter weekend!

Happy Easter! It's been a nice one, and a nice weekend as well! Back to the weekly grind. Only 5 more weeks of the semester!

The weather here is trying so hard to get nicer. Yesterday, it looked absolutely beautiful out. So The Husband and I decided to go have a picnic. We got all decked out in our springtime clothes, me in capris and sandals, him in shorts, and headed to Winco to get some delicious fried chicken and potato salad. We find a nice table in a pretty area on campus, and begin our picnic feast. Only to freeze our tushes off. Apparently it was only about 50 degrees out, regardless of how sunny it was. Needless to say, the picnic didn't last long.

So we borrowed racquets from our friends and went and played racquetball in the Kibbie Dome. It was my first time playing! I'm not exactly very good at it, but it was fun. And a good workout! I want to buy racquets now. Maybe I should first see if there's anyplace to play in Idaho Falls though first!

Oh, that's another thing. We decided to go down to SE Idaho to apartment hunt and such next weekend instead. Can't wait :)

Today we went to church then had an Easter feast. I made ham, Mormon potatoes, rolls, and Reeses cheesecake. It was pretty delicious. The Easter Bunny also visited our house. Sterling received a giant Reeses bunny, along with other treats. It had disappeared within about ten minutes :)

Oh, and my latest discovery/obsession? Making steaks in the oven. We've been wanting steak, but haven't had a way to cook them since we don't have a barbecue (though we did have a mini-grill, but we just discovered that someone stole it. Guess you can't leave things outside in Moscow even). Then I discovered that you can broil them in the oven! Sterling was skeptical first ("You don't bake steak!") but he ended up loving it. So then we made a Winco trip to stock up on meaty goodness. 

Perhaps we went a litttttle overboard? :)

So now a lot of our dinners nowadays are looking like this:

I know, I really need to start showing you all pictures of things other than food. I'll work on it.

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