Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ups & downs

Last night was....not a good night.

I'm thankful I have the support system I do. My family especially, as they've seen everything over the years and they never fail to build me up.

Over the last few months, Sterling has seen the ins and outs of this issue, and he couldn't be more supportive. He never makes me feel dumb when I cry to him over dramatic girl things, and he always reassures me and builds me back up.

Last night, after crying to him for quite awhile, I had to go babysit for a couple hours. I came home to see this when I walked in the door:
He bought Ben&Jerry's, some of my favorite sour gummies, and had the new Teen Mom episode all ready to watch cuddled up together. And he studied all the little pacifier and such pictures from the shows logo, and took the time to draw them.

I think I got pretty lucky with him, don't you think?

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