Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mean people.

Before I got pregnant, Sterling and I always joked about how crazy I would be once I was pregnant, since I'm a pretty sensitive person already. So far, I haven't had any pregnancy emotions at all really. I've stayed pretty steady. No crazy hormones and mood swings. It's really surprised me. I was just thinking about it this morning, actually.

Then I ran home crying because my mean neighbor lady yelled at me.

I was asked to post fliers for a Relief Society night event on the doors in our apartment complex. I got a list of the women who are on our ward records, so it wasn't like I was just posting church stuff on everyone's door. I was only giving it to women who are part of our church (or were at one point then didn't bother to remove their records).

So I tape the little flier on this one door then walk down the stairs to my mailbox. I turn around and this lady is running after me, waving the paper at me and yelling that she is 'sick of getting this crap on her door'. I apologize and tell her I was just assigned to do this, and she yells at me some more. I walked back to our apartment as quickly as I could, then started bawling as soon as I walked in the door.

I know I'm naturally sensitive and all, but I really hope that this isn't something my non-pregnant self would cry about. So I'm labeling it as my first hormonal experience.

And now I'm terrified to go get my mail ever again because it's right in front of her apartment.

To make myself feel better, I'm going to keep reminding myself that she's one of those annoying parents that lets her toddlers play alone in the street and leave their toys all over the place while she's busy watching Oprah inside. So there.

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