Monday, June 25, 2012

Cupcakes & Apartment life.

This weekend was nice and easygoing. I have two things that I want to blog about:

#1) The one not-so-nice or easygoing part. I love our apartment. It's nice and pretty and feels like home. But I want a house. A real house. One that isn't surrounded by neighbors. The apartment below us has been empty the entire time we've lived here, until this weekend. A lady and her preteen/young teen daughter moved in. And some scraggly guy, who isn't a husband and I can't tell if he's family just staying for a few days or if he's some sort of boyfriend fellow. Anyway, the lady had a bunch of trashy people help her move in on Saturday. They were nice in the short passing I had with them. But I had all my windows open all day, so I got to hear the lady's entire life story with commentary from her friends/family and it was all heavily-laced with F-bombs. Her past drug addictions, relationships with bad men, dodging jails, etc. They were discussing it loudly outside. In a complex that has little kids playing outside 24/7. Ughh. Can't stand it when people have no awareness of what is appropriate to share in public.

And that actually wasn't what I had intended to write about concerning our apartment. But then as I got writing I remembered how it bugged me. Anyway, what I really want to vent about is teenage hooligans whose parents don't care where they are at 2am. Because where are they? Ringing my doorbell a bunch of times then running away. AT 2AM. Sleep doesn't come too easily during pregnancy so if you disturb mine, you are on my death-list. I was livid, to say the least. Especially when I thought about what if they do this crap once we have a baby. I tell you, if some kids ever wake up my sleeping baby in the middle of the night, I will hunt them down. I'll go to every house in this town until I find their mommas and I will tell them exactly what I think of them and their child.

This time though, I just stayed awake for the next hour, staring out our windows into the dark, waiting for those dang kids to sneak back so I could catch them and chew them out and make them pee their pants.

I know, I'm a little crazy. When I get angry I picture myself as some hardcore scary beast. Not the little 5'2 blonde that I really am.

And now I'm so fired up that I can't even remember what #2 was. Whoops.

Aaaanyway, Sterling gets off work from Friday at 2pm alllll the way until Monday morning. To us, this seems like the equivalent of having a week off. We're super excited. Our big plans are to go to Grace :)  There will be some other fun stuff thrown in there, too. Probably some good eating. That's always the center of our outings.

Speaking of eating, I am desperate to find a good Chinese restaurant in IF. Cause our luck isn't the best, so far. Well, according to me at least. Sterling thinks it's all great. It's not :)

OH, I remembered #2! Yesterday while being a farmer's wife and driving around the farm with Sterling, checking his pivots, I figured out my New Life Plan. I'm going to master the art of delicious, fancy cupcakes (if you've seen my Pinterest in the last 24 hours, you probably have already caught onto this). Then we're going to move to Grace and I'll have my own little business of making cupcakes and cakes for the variety of Mormon events that are always taking place in that town, like weddings and mission farewells and baby showers and everything. Great plan. So now I'm a little obsessed with starting this exciting new hobby. Last night, throughout all my different, weird dreams (I dream the craziest stuff since being pregnant) I was continually in the process of baking and frosting this amazing chocolate & peanut butter cupcake. So that is my first thing to tackle. Today I'm going to go buy supplies and I'm making this chocolate&PB cupcake. And I'm praying it's as amazing as it was in Dreamland. And I'm also praying that I complete this cupcake before The Preggie Fatigue hits me. 

And my short weekend update has suddenly turned into a novel. Funny how that always happens...

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