Thursday, February 16, 2012


I think Valentine's Day merits a blog post, right?

It was our first married V-day, which was quite nice. I made us breakfast, then made Sterling a giant heart-shaped Cake-Batter Rice Krispy Treat while he was at school. He also got a couple other little gifts he's been needing. The rice krispy is the only thing that we got a picture of. Actually, Sterling has one of us on his phone, so maybe I'll add that later.

We had some delicious Chinese takeout for lunch from our favorite place in town. Then I had to go to work (which included dealing with a so fun poopy pants situation...yeah), and came home to find a tidied up living room and roses and a new chick flick and a cute little kid valentine and...a shovel. I quickly found out that the shovel was a wedding present that the Bowles' had just dropped off right before I got home, but it was a nice touch with the roses and such ;)

We went to this new Mexican place in town, Lamadrid. They were doing a Valentine dinner special, which was tasty but kind of cheap on the portions. But it was good, nonetheless!

I also have been meaning to complain via blog. Last week, I got a parking ticket. In my own driveway. Apparently it's illegal to partially block sidewalks? I didn't realize this was an actual law that tickets are given for, especially since we live in a quiet little neighborhood! It's not like a person would be thrust out onto a busy street in order to walk around my car! AND, I have never seen Moscow PD on our street, but they made sure to be there during the TWENTY minutes that I was parked!

Ugh. Ridiculous. Anyway, in other news, RON PAUL IS COMING TO UI! Yup, he will be here tomorrow afternoon. We're pretty excited, and by that I mean Sterling is pee-his-pants-ecstatic. We got tickets to get in early before everyone else, so hopefully we can meet him and get pictures and everything! That would make Sterling's life.

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