Wednesday, February 29, 2012


You know, today as I was sitting in class I was thinking about all this stuff I wanted to blog about. And now that I'm here blogging, I can't remember what they all were. I hope you're ready for some meaningless updates on Stoddard Life!

Sterling acquired his sister Steph's iPhone since she's on her mission and his phone died. Since he gave up Facebook and Reddit for Lent, he spends much of his time playing a lovely game called TinyWings. It's basically a bird flying over rainbow-colored hills and farting starry fireworks. I don't get it. But he is all about that thing. Whatever makes the husband happy, I guess.

Yesterday I had my blood pressure taken and it was super high, in the hypertension range. So, we are being healthy now in hopes of getting it under control, even though I'm not exactly sure why it's high. We eat a lot of produce, I don't eat a ton of sodium, and my weight is the lowest it's been in 4 years! So we're trying this exercise thing. We've gone to the gym two nights in a row! That's a big accomplishment for us, seeing as we haven't been in weeks. Now we just gotta keep it up. Plus I'm making healthy things (like granola bars!) and not buying much junk. Sterling's lost 3 pounds this week. We're so good.

Sterling just found out I wrote about his TinyWings addiction and I'm only allowed to talk about it as long as I also mention that he's been reading a lot, as well. So there ya go, honey :)  I'm also not supposed to mention that he frequently yells at the little bird on his phone.

He also has been having fun snapping pictures on his new phone.

Can you tell I had no idea he was taking this one?

Ron Paul is coming back to U of I next Monday. It's cool and all, but it's just not as exciting as the first time, mostly because we already met him and it just doesn't get any better than that. I won't even be going, since it's during the time I work. But Sterling will go with the guys and have fun.

My newest hobby is looking for apartments in Blackfoot, ID. Sterling has a potential job in that area (a really good one too, so cross your fingers!) and I'd still be able to go to ISU, so it's pretty exciting. Oh, and we officially signed over our lease to a guy, so it's his as of May 15th and we will be gone from Moscow! Hopefully we have a job lined up by then! I'm so anxious and excited about this move, I can't even stand it. I want to get everything all figured out right now. But, alas, we have 2 months left here. Aghhh. Go by fast, please.

PS: Is it spring break yet?!

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