Tuesday, February 19, 2013

College blues.

Lately I forget that I'm still a student. Like, a lot. So I've been super close to missing almost every deadline for every assignment. But somehow I remember at the last minute and have yet to turn in anything late. Wanna make bets on how long my lucky streak lasts?

Last Friday night I horribly underestimated the difficulty of a paper I had due by midnight. Then I also had to squeeze in an exam before midnight, as well. So, I started both around 6pm and crammed and stressed for a few hours while Sterling tried to handle Brynleigh during her fussy time where she is inconsolable for about an hour. And I ate pretzels for dinner and had a baby attached to my chest while trying to frantically figure out what the heck APA formatting is. Ah, now I understand why people say to do college before babies.

Then I checked my grades today. 88% on the paper and 98% on the exam. Somehow we pulled it off amidst the chaos that a baby brings. 

I graduate in 10 months. Oh, December, you cannot come fast enough. I'm seriously considering making one of those paper-link countdowns like the ones kids make for Christmas. Except this is even more exciting than Christmas.

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