Friday, December 16, 2011

final season.

I'm 2 hours away from taking my last final of the semester. I was one of those unlucky people that had the majority of their finals on the last two days of finals week. Moscow lost about 60% of its population by Wednesday. We realized this when we went to Winco last night and it was practically empty. Funny how college towns work.

Anyway, I should pass all of my classes. Anatomy will likely be a D, which is bad, yes, but it counts for credit, which is all that matters to me right now. Chemistry should be a C, which again, is nice, because I've been stressing over that class as well. Sports Nutrition is an A, and my other two classes should be B's.

College is funny sometimes. See, I slaved over anatomy. I studied a ton, I went to class religiously, I was truly interested in it, and I learned more in that class than in any other class I've taken throughout my college career. Yet, I'm practically failing it. And Chemistry? I hardly ever went to the lecture section of this class. I kept up with the homework and got A's on every assignment in the lab section of the course. But the lecture? Nah. I can't really honestly say I've learned a thing in that class. Yet I'm getting a better grade in there than in anatomy? It doesn't make sense.

Same with my two nutrition classes. Sports Nutrition is a very upper level class. Intro to Foods is not. It's the lowest nutrition class UI offers. But I have almost 100% in sports nutrition. Actually, every single one of my nutrition classes I've ever taken are a higher level than Into to Foods, yet in Intro I have the lowest grade, and I had the hardest time with.

What the heck, college?

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