Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm the worst.

No, really. I'm a horrible blogger. I want to be a good one so bad, and I always think about blogging, but that somehow never translates to me actually sitting down at the computer and writing. Nope, instead I spend hours stalking people on Facebook (mostly wedding pictures) or on (doing what else...looking at weddings) or reading whatever blogs I can come across (often by Mormons or about Mormons). I know, I need some new hobbies other than being an engaged Mormon.

School started, and that's keeping me kind of busy too I guess. School feels so different this semester though. I've had many moments sitting in class, looking at the other girls or overhearing conversations, where I start thinking that I wish I went to BYUI. Or Utah State. Because I feel like I'm in a different place than everyone else here lately. I spend my time planning my wedding and thinking of where I want my husband and I to move to and settle down next summer. I have baby fever (I know, that's bad and crazy and whatever). I get excited about a stew that turns out well and about buying a new couch. Not playing beerpong or hooking up with the hot new guy from Delta Kappawhatever.

And I feel very stereotypical saying that. I feel like that's something so cliche and annoying to hear this little 20 year old, newly engaged and suddenly Mormon girl to say. I agree, it is. But I still feel that way. I'm craving living somewhere more LDS-ish. I guess I spent too much time in southeast Idaho and Northern Utah this summer, because I love it there. 

Either way, I love U of I. It's a million times better than living and schooling in California. But I still can't help but get pretty excited about getting to move somewhere else in less than a year.

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